Orphan Black - Season 5 Wishes

We are three months out from the premiere of the fifth and final season of BBC America's Orphan Black. The wait seems like an eternity but with each passing day we are one step closer to the end; it's a very odd place to find yourself, as a fan of the show. The Tatiana Maslany-led series, which stars the Emmy Award-winner as a variety of clones who have learned of each other's existence over the past forty hours of gripping, thrilling sci-fi television.

To mark the countdown to the final chapter of the clone drama, I will be making posts on the 10th of each month in the lead up to the finale's premiere on June 10th, which will then continue weekly with episode reviews of the ten episodes that make up the final season. Let's start with my hopes and wishes for the final season...

- More clone interactions

Season four was probably my favourite run of episodes to date (you can see my thoughts on the season here), but the one thing it lacked was a big clone interaction scene. Season two had that insane dance party, followed by the dinner party sequence in season three. They are masterful examples of the barriers this show can so very easily obliterate on a technical level, expertly executed and awe-inspiring, watching as Tatiana Maslany speaks to Tatiana Maslany while handing Tatiana Maslany a bowl of sugar after hearing Tatiana Maslany give a speech. Season four had a couple of examples of this amazement on a smaller level, usually between Sarah and Cosima, but we need something that rises above anything else the show has done before, most likely in the series finale.

My first thought; a clone funeral, but I hate myself for even thinking about that.

- More clone swaps

We could also do with a few more clone swap scenes; it's a widely accepted fact that Maslany is the hardest working woman in television and her understanding of each of her characters is absolutely mesmerising, and nothing showcases that more than when she steps into a clone's shoes while actually playing another. It's Inception-level mind-blowing, the way she adapts this new character's identity while allowing the real clones subtle mannerisms to shine through. It is so very often completely flawless acting and we need to see even more of it in season five. Whether its Sarah as Krystal, Alison as Sarah or Sarah as Rachel, it is so fascinating to watch everything unfold with brand new dynamics each time - so please season five, give us more!

- A stronger focus for Helena

I'll be honest, I fully expected Helena to die at the end of last season. Her story appears to have come full circle now and the writer's seem to have stranded her with very little to do after disappearing for a large chunk of last season and only really returning when somebody needed saving (usually Alison, god bless her).  They've found themselves written into a corner; after 'killing' her at the end of the first season, she was resurrected only to become a firm fan favourite, turning a psychopathic serial killer nut into an absolutely adorable angel seemingly more difficult to get rid of. I want the firmer role for her in the new season, whether that's endlessly protecting her seestras or taking matters into her own hands a little more.

- Exploring what makes Kira special

As early as season one, it has been hinted that Kira has special abilities that allows her to understand what Sarah's sisters are feeling; she can sense danger and knows when trouble is approaching, warning the LEDA clones on threats on numerous occasions. It's been alluded to that the series will consider this notion, promising a few answers to those questions regarding the only LEDA-born child, and it's about time. As long as it doesn't border into the supernatural (which I really have no time for), I'll be very happy for this element of Orphan Black to be finally considered and explained!

- Leave Castor alone

Orphan Black's rockiest season yet, the third, replaced the LEDA clones with the Castor clones as the focus and it didn't really work. The shoemakers quickly learned their lesson, with most of the male line being wiped out by the turn of the fourth season. Ari Millen is a great actor but the male clones pale in comparison to their female counterparts, most likely because of the nature vs nurture argument it examined. I don't mind one or two popping up again, but let's keep it to a minimum.

- A solid serving of Delphine

Delphine's return was always quietly expected, no matter how much it was denied, because it's arguably brings out the most passionate response from fans. In season three, her appearances were scattered throughout the season and, like Helena, she would be gone for weeks/episodes with little explanation. In the final stretch of episodes, I do hope we have a solid amount of Delphine, mainly because Evelyne Brochu is incredible and her relationship with Cosima is always compelling.

- Return to the train platform

I've always seen the show ending with a return to the train platform that set the events in motion for the entire series and what a brilliantly way it would be to have everything come full circle. Beth has always been pivotal in the series and with Sarah taking on her responsibilities, becoming the unofficial leader and organiser for the LEDA clones, maybe a second visit is due, after coming so close to returning in S4E7 (apparently, the Sarah's would-be suicide sequence was intended to take place at the train station itself but plans feel through). While hopefully returning under more hopeful, positive circumstances, it would feel like a greatly missed opportunity if this didn't happen.

- A (fairly) happy ending

Orphan Black is undoubtedly my favourite show in the world, mainly because of the beautiful, complex and strong characters that populate it; with that said, I want nothing more than a happy ending for them. Yes, this is a drama, so the sweet will always come with a bitter taste too, but for once can we not just give this clones a happy ending, after everything they have endured?

Oh, and give Sarah Stubbs more to do! (funnily enough, the below gif perfectly encapsulates my two opposing emotions the closer we get to the final season...)

See you next month!